MLAT - Not working


i have flight feeder 7.2.2

In the flightaware statistics page it shows below

Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Receiver location not configured

Also i set location also
stats page shows location set (latitude, longitude)

Can you please let me know how do i make mlat
working (In the statistics page all MLAT entries are shown blank)

I am new to flightaware and flightfeeder

Thanks in advance


You have not set your receiver location. Click the configure location button on your stats page and follow the instructions.


you say stats page, which page is this, not clear, you referring to the local on site url page, with the map? or the www.flightaware page where I go to me account (I would love to be able to set my location for my account, and have the Piaware pick it up on account settings).



Go to:


Thanks, saw the little wheel there, but thought that was the location for FAGM.