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MLAT dropping out overnight

Hi everyone,
I have piaware 3.6.3 installed and it’s been running happily for months and months on a pi zero w.
Moved it to the shed (‘get your electronics out of the house’) and MLAT has dropped out in the morning for the last two mornings since I moved it.
You can see from my graphs that it’s then been unstable throughout the day.
The WiFi signal is slightly weaker but not much (ironically it’s now nearer to the Virgin media hub!)
Any thoughts?

Check your power. Check any USB connections.

Thanks. Will monitor throughout day.

Ok. It seems I’m generating MLAT data but not synchronised with any local servers.

Could it be that the slightly weaker WiFi is preventing that and it’s timing out?

Unlikely. I suppose you could reorient it to improve reception.

Did you change the power supply you are using?
Do you have another power supply you can try?

You could always check the CPU load by connecting to the device via Putty.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install htop

htop should give you a nice display.