missing tracking data


I have a “result unknown”, and no link for the Google Earth .kml data for the ICE9 flight: 27-Mar-2010 LJ25/W Tulsa Intl (KTUL) Rocky Mtn Metropolitan (KBJC) 16:02 MDT result unknown (?) n/a

This is a research aircraft measuring cloud physics. We were hoping to use the location data to co-locate the aircraft with weather data for display in Google Earth. Is there any way this can be recovered, or at least the 1st ~20 minutes of flight released (looks like that’s about when it cut out).

Thanks for your help.

It was bit by the FAA’s outage on Saturday night. You can see the partial tracklog by appending /tracklog to the flight’s url: flightaware.com/live/flight/ICE9 … C/tracklog

Thank you very much. We have our own GPS data being logged, but your site provides a very convenient 1st pass at the location data.