No Google Earth Button


What happened to the Google Earth button that is supposed to be next to the status line in the tracking box? I tried to download the KML file for the flight I had today, but it is not there. Is there another way to get the information?


I randomly selected flights. The Google Earth link appears on non-airline flights. Didn’t see it on any airline flights. Perhaps I should say it doesn’t appear on flights with a three letter code as part of the flight id.



The link got removed unintentionally as part of new alerts functionality. Sorry about that, we’re working on adding it back, it will back tomorrow.



Thanks. I knew it had been there in the past and it has been a while since I had flown so I hadn’t a need to track anything. Glad to hear it will be added back soon.


Any word on when the missing button will be replaced? It is still missing as of this post.



You should be seeing the button now. Keep in mind it only appears on historical flights, not en route or scheduled flights (this has always been the behavior).


Yes, it is now there. Thank you very much. I do know that it is only for historical flights. I have yet to try tracking during a flight via the other means as I do not pay for in flight wi-fi.


Sorry to ressurect an old post but Flight Mon329 has the Google earth link but the inbound Mon328 doesn’t. Am I doing something wrong?


The Google Earth button only appears on historical flights, not en route or scheduled flights.


Thanks for the quick response but Mon329 landed at 1:42pm on the 1st september this has the button. Mon328 landed at 5:21am on the 2nd september and does not. I’m confused as to why one does and one doesn’t. In the history for the flights all of the Mon329’s have the button but the Mon328’s do not.


Oh, I see. We don’t show the Google Earth link for “result unknown” flights. The status of MON328 is “unknown” because we don’t have coverage in London and we don’t receive an arrival notification either (we only those for major airlines outside our primary coverage area).

I’ll look into it, I’ll see if it’s possible to include the link for “result unknown” flights.


OK great that certainly explains it thanks