Missing polar plot


Haven’t had a polar plot in the past few days… Just sayin…



It was back this AM… thanks muchly…


I don’t get a plot on my page… Am I missing something?


Probably not. Mine turned on after a several days of data collection.


I’ve been sending data for several weeks.


Then I stand corrected. My line graphs started displaying a day or so after first check in.
The polar graph a few days later.


Hey wizowor,

The reason that your polar chart isn’t showing up is that we haven’t received enough raw ADS-B positions from your feeder. Our software currently requires a minimum of 25,000 ADS-B positions in total, and I’m seeing 23,139 from you, just under the threshold. So some feeders seeing very heavy traffic might get the chart in a few days; for others it might take a lot longer. I expect you should start seeing the chart within a few days then.

I hope this helps!