Coverage Distribution Graph

Coverade graph is disabled or is just in my account?

After switching to FlightFeeder, this graph doesn’t show anymore.

Same problem here

Just wondering if anyone from FlightAware can comment on this issue? Is a fix coming soon?


Yes there is a known issue with the polar chart not showing for some users. We are investigating.

What graph are you guys talking about?

Look at the coverage distribution graph for the first user.

It is blank.
There are quite a few users with the same issue.
(Not everyone. Just a select number of users)

+1 Same here

I have the Same problem.

OK. I thought maybe the thread was about the view produced by PiAware. Looks like it’s what is shown on this website. Thanks.

I found that once I enabled mlat and set up my coordinates manually then it showed up :slight_smile:.

It’s been a while since I joined, but I recall that right at first the receiver location moved around a bit for a while. Maybe related?

Perhaps. All I know is that it wasn’t showing up at all for maybe a week, then I went to my stats page and went through the setting up of the coordinates for my antenna. It started working after that :slight_smile:.

Definitely make sure your lat/long is set correctly on your Stats page. If it’s not set correctly you won’t get MLAT and your stats won’t work correctly.

We have a possible fix for the polar chart issue that should make it to production in the next few days.

The issue with polar charts not displaying for some users has been fixed.

If you are still not seeing data then ensure first that your GPS coordinates are correctly set on the My Stats page.