Missing Flights - Stealth? BPO15 BPO6 etc


about 15 minutes ago i saw something very strange. a fleet of exactly 9 helicopters flew with low altitude over my house direction south. two bpo15(3e0a3c) and bpo6(3e0a3d) and some minutes later bpo227(3df1a8) followed.

  • i wonder what this fleet of 9 federal police helicopters target is
  • and why only 3 of them my site was able to receive signals

did they switch off their transponders? did they use the same transponder hex for more than one helicopter?

what’s going on???

every idea welcome :slight_smile:


IIRC for close formations it’s normal to switch off most of the transponders to prevent TCAS warnings / ground radar alerts.


cool - tank you very much for this information! sometimes simple things are the reason for strange behavior. i never would have found this explanation on my own :slight_smile:



Sometimes known as MARSA.


but what is marsa - besides a city on malta?


Military Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft


ah - ok - understand :slight_smile: