ooops !!




My initial reaction is that it’s none of your business.

After further consideration however, the precise movements of US tactical assets while we’re engaged in two wars overseas is not something that should be discussed in a public forum.

I’ll take my tinfoil hat off now.




There is some testing of a B1 upgrade happening right now. Maybe that was it.


. :exclamation:


OPSEC is no joke. Anything sensitive (troop/vehicle movements) really shouldn’t be discussed. Taliban Bob is pretty internet savvy so the less info we give (especially on deployments), the better. We appreciate it! :slight_smile:


The kind of info OP was asking about is on several internet sites. You just need to know where to look.

If there are Bones operating from Europe, it won’t be a secret and since the serials and unit insignia are painted on the airplanes (why ?) it won’t be hard to figure that out either.

Seems an innocent enough query to me, no call for finger-wagging.


The less information we put out there, the better. Unfortunately, the information puzzle is built with small pieces of innocent information.