Missing flight information

I was trying to get some flight information on USAirways 630 from LAS-PIT, but the only information supplied is old history data from a different flight back in Sept. I know the flight numbers have changed early in January and wondered if FlightAware needs to update with new flight numbers.

Operated as America West 630.

When you can’t find a flight you expect, try the Flight Finder to see if it operated under an alternate flight identification.

Remember that the flight numbers and other flight IDs are provided by the FAA and not FlightAware. Mduell’s suggestion of using the flight finder is a great one. Also, you can look at the arrival or origin airport to see if you can find the flight after it has landed. Use the arrivals and departures screens respectively.

One interesting addition would be some sort of wildcard in search.
Example: I want to know what Air Canada flights came to KFLL.
We could enter something like ACA* or ACA? and it would list all the flights.

I know that right now, all we can do is sort the KFLL arrivals and scroll down to the desired airline, but a wildcard feature would be fun.

Fun? We’re not suppose to have fun here on FlightAware! This here is serious stuff ya’ know?!?!??! :smiley: