Missing airport - O69

Hello there!

An airport I frequent, O69 - Petaluma Municipal (Petaluma, Ca)
Never, ever shows up as an origin or destination unless filed IFR.
It always comes back as “near Novato, Ca”, which it actually isn’t.
This looks like the place where little irritants like this are made to go away…

Unfortunately, we currently do not automatically deduce the origin or destination for “position-only” flights (those without a flightplan) when the airport does not have a 4-character ICAO code. This is something we intend to start doing at some point in the future, however. Until then, continue filing a flightplan for best flight tracking quality.

Ah, the old 4 character ICAO code trick…
I figured it was something, you all don’t miss much.
Thanks for the explanation!

Some years ago I was based at O69. A then-newly installed Garmin GNS530W would not load the LPV approach into Petaluma. Funny though, it did work at KDVO and elsewhere…Garmin updated the 530W software so that non ICAO identifiers were supported.