Lat/Lon in InFlightAircraftStruct destination

I’ve seen several InFlightAircraftStruct destination values come back as a lat/lon. It looks like this “L 64.4 -171.08333333333334”. Almost always this comes back as a ICAO. Should this be happening? Anyway to match to a ICAO?


If an airport code isn’t known or available for a flight, then we may sometimes store the location of the first/last position we received for it instead.

Thanks for the info.

One specific example is: … 0915/1527Z

This flight always goes between RJAA and KJFK, but sometimes says “Near Gambell, AK”. Is this because it got re-routed?


That’s mostly just caused by a bug in our backend processing that sometimes introduces a duplicate instance of the flight. (In that case, it occurs at the point where we first begin to pick up actual radar positions as it approaches land again and its actual position was far enough away from where we were estimating it should have been, so we thought it might have been a different plane with the same identifier operating at the same time.) We’re currently working on some changes to minimize these types of problems in areas with low position coverage.