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Misreporting receiver location


I currently have 2 receivers. One located in Evesham, UK (which was previously on line, but I’ve suffered a hardware failure and is now off line temporarily), and one located in Cheltenham, which I built up over the weekend, and is working OK. Both running on Raspberry Pi 4 , with Piaware 5

On my map, I’m showing the locations of both receivers, but the offline receiver keeps moving about! It’s currently in Monmouthshire, earlier it was in Bristol. What’s going on …? Have I somehow managed to claim another receiver? Both receivers I set the location manually on.

Thanks for any advice,

Link to screenshot : https://photos.app.goo.gl/m6mAbwefip1LVY1x6

It’s moved again… it’s now in cinderford!

Your location is not currently set on your PiAware. Go to your My ADS-B Stats, click the gear icon, and click Edit Location where you can then set the location of the receiver.


Thanks Eric. Receiver Location is set correctly. The blue pointer is exactly in the right location, however I think I may be setting the position of the receiver that’s currently off line, leaving the other to drift about, presumably estimating it’s location from received data. How do you switch receivers to make sure the correct one is being set?

Hold that thought Eric. That’s exactly what I’ve done. Both receivers are now set correctly! Thanks for your input.

New hardware should arrive today, then to build up a couple of co-linears.

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