Mismatching in dateTime between site and XML


Before I explain my issue, I would like to explain our use case. We operate a repair station in HNL that has mechanics meet multiple airlines aircraft at the gate. We are looking to create a table (or list) that will show the the next X aircraft from those airlines that are going to arrive in HNL.
We will need the following information:
Flight Number
Estimated Arrival Time (as shown on FlightAware’s site)
Gate Number

I am having an issue in which the XML filed_departuretimes and estimatedarrivaltimes when using a GET with Enroute are not matching.

The results of my query seem to be showing previous flights that may or may not exist as with the case of a HAL104 arriving yesterday when there is no scheduled flight based on the FlightAware sites.

Please see the following screen captures: imgur.com/a/e3nCv

Also when I perform this search: flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … 1&offset=0
It shows the estimatedarrival time for the Sept 29 flight is the scheduled flight time on the site. Is there a way to get the scheduled


Be sure that you are understanding the timestamps returned by FlightXML are are UTC timezone, not local time, so you will need to do the appropriate time conversions.

In general, the scheduled departure time is the “filed_departuretime” field of the flight. This is because the airline will generally file the flightplan based on the scheduled times. In some cases, a flight plan for a very late flight is filed might be filed with a more realistic time if the flight is already delayed beyond its originally scheduled time (as might occur with a last minute equipment change that requires re-filing the flightplan).

If you need to look up the details of the original airline schedules, you can also use the AirlineFlightSchedules function.


Thank you for your response. I seem to have found the issue. If you could please explain what that information might mean?

When I go to the HNL Activity page I see the following:
flightaware.com/live/airport/PHN … rrivaltime

It shows 9 flights whose scheduled departure and arrival times are yesterday. How long do these objects say on the page?

I could sort out flights that do not have a departure time, but that would lead to issue for our users because it would so one list this when a shorter duration flight, MHO205, for example, takes off it will insert itself in the list.


Ideally what we are looking for is the Enroute table from, flightaware.com/live/airport/PHNL, sorted the same way with out the flights that are stragglers as shown in my previous post.

The other stipulation we would need is to filter airlines and it needs to show gates. Could you perhaps help me generate that SearchBirdseyeInFlight? or perhaps is there an out of box solution? Our mechanics only need a webpage to view this information on.

Could you also elaborate on how the SearchBirdseyeInFlight sorts its results? When I query by Airport, Actual Departure Time and Estimated Arrival Time, the results are not in order by time. Is there a way to sort without code?

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … ght?query={=%20dest%20PHNL}%20{%3E%20actualDepartureTime%200}%20{=%20arrivalTime%200}

Thank you,