MiseryMap New Features

I love the misery map, but I was wondering if we could have the following:

  1. A way to track a flight through the misery map by tail number. For example, is my outbound flight from Orlando to take me to Montreal a plane that should be coming in from Halifax?

  2. I would like to see the Misery Map be all of north america (Canada and US) not just the US.

It is a GREAT feature! Really sets you apart! Thanks!

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I just noticed this problem. At FA, I’m sure you know what portion of North American air traffic involves Canada, and I’m sure it’s significant.
It seems inappropriate to leave the Canadian airports off the misery map, especially when one or more of the Canadian airports have the worst delays and are contributing to US airport delays.

This might also be of use.

On the “live flight tracking” page for a flight, under the “flight details” heading, there is a link (on the right) that says “track inbound plane”. Click that link and the page that appears will show where your plane is if it has not yet arrived, or where it came from if it has already arrived.

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To include Canada in the MiseryMap, check out FlightAware MiseryMap