Microsoft Live BirdseyeView


Ive been a fan of Google Earth for some time now, but I just came across a new (to me at least) feature of Microsoft Live, its called BirdsEyeView. I’m pretty sure it is not a satellite view but rather an aircraft. It is not available in all areas, but it really is quite amazing.

Go HERE and then search for an area, try boston for instance, and then click on “see this location in birds eye view”

Also, in GoogleEarth, check out Cambridge, MA, the resolution there is much better than any other area.


Most of the Google Earth high detailed areas are from an aircraft also.

EDIT: Just looked at the birds eye view feature, and it is simply a detailed aerial image, similar to other images we have seen, just taken from an angle, so it looks “cooler.”


It is cool, but I prefer Google Earth as far as ease of use and navigation…


It is not only angled, but you can adjust the viewing position N, S, E, and W. But yes, my simple mind just sees the neato factor in it.

In other news, I’m sitting here at Atlantic in Teterboro and there are a crap-load of airplanes here. Did I hear something about the PGA in town last weekend? Did they take an extra day because of the rain? I’ve seen it worse here, but not on a Wednesday, its crazy! I give ahem “mad props” (pun intended) to the rampers here, there are airplanes stacked up all over the place like a big zipper. Gate hold right now, hopefully that will pass now that the weather to the north is starting to dissipate. (it was fun coming down through it from MHT. I’m in N420AF tonight, just a short out-and-back trip. Theres another one of our planes here, N656AF flying another guy from the same company. (he took the more western route around the weather, but we dodged around it lower and beat them here by a few minutes.) Another fun evening the the northeast!