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Aerial Photography

First nice day for a while and looks like everybody is out around Atlanta doing Aerial Photography


Busy day of surveys there

That is pretty neat. I have been noticing them in my area here recently.

Does anyone know exactly what they are doing, when they do that?
When they run those patterns, is that for photos, surveys, both, etc…

It looks more like spraying of some sort.

Hi, that is super cool.

I’m a total newb, even first post here.

Can you tell me what is needed to generate a map like that for my area? I realize this is probably a very involved question, but maybe if you told me the big picture of what’s needed and then tell me where to go read some more to get into details?


it kinda looks like a screenshot of VRS at the time or a report generated by VRS.


i use to keep an eye on my stuff from one location

Nothing special needed - Go to the SkyAware map of your PiAware device, select the ‘Show all Tracks’ button and then set the Altitude range filter to remove ‘noise’ from low and high level aircraft. The history of the aircraft patterns will be plotted.

My specific screenshot was from tar1090 but both use the same mapping ‘engine’ by @wiedehopf

So as a newb, I don’t have any hardware. Is there a service where I can get (or buy) the data for a particular area for a particular day? If so, would it be as complete as if I captured it with my own hardware?

Thank you!