Google Earth

If you have GE head to: 51 52’55.60N 0 13’ 50.27E and see if something doesn’t look quite right.

John (bored in the hotel at this airport)

Looks like water to me…what is suppossed to be there?

Nevermind, I see it now. I was looking a degree to far north. maybe a quick game of follow the leader before a long flight to Frankfurt?

I think what you have here is two photo’s taken a couple of seconds apart superimposed on each other. Take a look at the traffic on the highway to the south. Many of the vehicles are duplicated at about the same interval.

So the Ryan Air 737 is the same plane twice.

I agree, the other strange thing is that while I’m sitting here bored, too early to hit the “pilots lounge” in the lobby I started looking for our airplane. You’d think a tip tanked G2 would be easy to find. We don’t fly much so we should be on the ground somewhere. I Looked at all the airports we normally fly to and we are not anywhere to be seen. Several possibilities come to mind. The most likely is that pictures from around the world are not updated at the same time so when the Stansted picture was take we might have been on the ground in Jeddah and when Jeddah was taken we were in Paris. By that logic we might be seen in more than one place!!
Also i noticed that every General Aviation ramp I looked at seemed emptier than they normally are.

Did it seem like the picture resolution is clearer than the rest of the world too?

GE is like a big colage. Many places you’ll see ice and snow side by side with green foliage and sparkling water.

Many of the ground views you’ll see on GE are in fact quite ancient.

When I zoom in on our house the car that’s in the driveway is the one my wife had almost fifteen years ago!

Do you know who bought that car? :smiling_imp:

DOOD! THAT’S BAD! :laughing:

Sorry to disappoint you Rob, it was my wife’s employer.

I’m not sure I’d agree, it’s nearly impossible to tell what kind of car it is, though the fact that the Blue Spruce (frisbee eater) is still in the back yard certainly indicates that it’s a very old image.

Atta boy! LOL!!!

I can tell simply from the color (white) that it’s her Scoobie-roo. The only other white car we’ve had, other than Mom’s present Exploder, within the past 25 years was my Jeep and that was so long ago that I sincerely doubt it’s the one in the picture.

I drive a white car! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bet those trans-con roadtrips are murder!

Check out:

40 46 12.69N 73 51 12.57W

I’m thinkin’ a “go around” would be a good idea… :open_mouth:

Don’t forget that these images are mosaics, it’s highly unlikely that those three planes fighting for the runway are contemporaneous.

Understood - still makes for some good Google Earth drama though!

Highly skilled ATC!

Then why are some vehicles duplicated on the route below, and some are not?

I’m certainly not discrediting what you said, Google earth is certainly a mosaic of pictures taken over time. If we look VERY carefully, we can sometimes see a slightly blurry area, the “scar” between 2 images. (I looked attentively around the 2 737’s, but did not see any.

I could be right, I could be wrong, but I have a tendency to think that there may have been 2 737’s a couple of hundred feet apart, taxiing and following the same yellow line.