Interesting find on Google Earth

Do you have Google Earth software installed on your computer? If so go to Yuma Arizona. I had the need at work today to look at an area of Yuma AZ. While looking I noticed the large airport there. I’ve never been to Yuma so I wasn’t sure if it was a military base or not. So I zoomed on on the airport to see what was there. You could see some fighters that appear to be F-18’s on the ramp and some helicopters that are clearly military. But as I was looking some more I saw a large 4 engine plane sitting on the ramp. As I zoomed in on the plan is was pretty obvious what it was. If you have Google earth take a look and see if you can figure out what plane it is.

Yep, it’s been known for a while that a VC-25A has been visible at Yuma since the last update.

Oh well, I didn’t know it was there. I thought it was an interesting find. In checking Google, I found one mention of GW being in Yuma in May of 2006. I know most of Google’s photos of my area are 3 to 5 years old. Is the photo at Yuma from the May 2006 visit?

I found THIS. It’s dated 5/18/06, and G-Dub mentions he’d never been to Yuma before - So I’m guessing it was from that visit.

Ever “fly” around Manhattan on Google Earth?

Go to 77 Water Street and you’ll see this interesting item…

Check out the Western Museum of Flight at Hawthorne Municipal Airport. They have quite a fancy airplane there. … STREET.htm

The biplane on the roof sculpture was designed by some guy named Rudolph de Harak and executed by the sculptor William Tarr in 1969 (thanks Jack Ryan).
Apparently it’s a full-size model of a WW1 Sopwith Camel, complete with runway. It was put there to amuse inhabitants of surrounding scyscrapers, notably the WTC.

It has apparently not taken to the elements very well:

It wouldn’t have been that visible from the WTC, but Grandma M had a great view of it from her office window at 100 Water St.

On a few trips between Las Vegas and Irvine, CA…I went by this place. Google Earth shows it as:

Lockheed Martin Helendale RCS Facility

Anyone know what this thing is? It looks like a cone shaped runway. From what I could tell from the air it was about 5,000’ long and went from about 50’ wide to about 150’ wide.

It says it is a “radar cross section”…but what the heck is that?



Google Earth says it’s a “Radar cross-section facility, used to test stealth aircraft”.


Awesome article. Thank you for the research!!

Make sure you scroll North about 300’ too :slight_smile:.

What did you find??? And what does it have to do with Clint Eastwood?

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