Miami Hurricanes Baseball Team Charter


just wanted to let you know that Miami’s baseball team will be travelling to Lincoln Nebraska today on an Airtran charter…TRS6423

I was surprised to see they’d be taking Airtran when they have a contract with Delta and Miami Air for football…i guess they have the best price?



BB, and Baseball teams will usually charter, unless it is close by (for Tulsa, anywhere in TX). Then, they will go commercial


well i travel with the team all year long and they took commercial to every road trip including UCLA…it’s just since it’s the regionals and they were announced 2 days ago, there was no way of getting the kids to lincoln nebraska from here in miami on commercial flights…the travel agent im sure was very upset because tickets are upwards of 800 bucks!! all i was wondering was whether or not airtran does a lot of charter work…thanks



Wow, commercial all season? That is odd. OU, OSU, UC Davis, Arkansas, SMU, Rice all go charter unless games are in the area. Different schools do it differently…

From working in an athletic department, it was usually cheaper to do charter for the smaller teams than commercial if it was a long distance, especially if a quick return was needed.