College Baseball Flight

Friday is the Super Regionals and I was wondering if anyone new how to track a college baseball team flight?

Most of our team flights are chartered from major carriers. All have flight numbers. Keep an eye out for strange carrier scheduled for arrival at a weird hour at the local airport.

For example: We no longer have FL service. When we were booted out of March Madness, there was a late night FL 737 showing service from one of the Chicago airports to TLH. We will be hosting TAMU over the weekend for the superregionals. Sometime Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I expect to see a commercial flight from Easterwood (CLL?) to TLH.

Easterwood is dear to my heart since it the desitnation of my first cross country many years ago…but that is a topic for another post.

June 9, 2011

AJI 9497

It’s not a scheduled carrier.

Where did you find these flight and do they all left yesturday or some leaving today.

Travel times depends on team schedule. You need to search several days. My job was easier since both airports are secondary facilities. I just searched for nonstop flights from KCLL to KTLH.

Are you looking for a specific team?

If two hub airports are involved, the search becomes more difficult.

What do you think

Vanderbilt will fly to Omaha

Florida will fly to Omaha

Arizona State will fly to Omaha

North Carolina will fly to Omaha

and what airport

If Stanford loses tonight will they leave tonight or tomorrow. What airport will they fly out of and arrive in.

Stanford usually uses SJC.

Keep an eye out for these non-stops:

When do you think they arrive to Omaha and please tell me the flight information for the team coming if you can find them. The airline and the flight number

Go to the opening page at Flightaware and search for KOMA airport activity. Look for flights originating at the above listed cities.

What airport does


South Carolina

fly into

Virginia is in Charlottesville…except for Danny Hultzen who is sui generis and who we have never been able to solve

The USC you are interested in is located in Columbia, SC