METARS are all stuck


It appears that all the METARS are stuck on the last report of New Years eve.


I vote to keep them that way until I am done flying tomorrow. While the TAFs the night before have all been promising (usually from MVFR to almost severe clear) , the last few flights, or attempts there of have ended before they began with unpredicted lightning, LIFR ceilings or low clouds and a freezing level on the ground.
If we keep em like they are showing now, the conditions for tomorrow will be awesome!


Will be fixed as soon as *someone *gets to work tomorrow morning.


Somewhat different question - but I couldn’t find a better place.

On 01/02/11, N23753 returned from KFXE to KADS with stops in KOCF and 1R7 - with separate IFR flight plans for each leg (FXE to OCF, etc.) Actually the first was filled FXE to 1R8, but diverted to OCF due to weather.

I can see the times in flight for the OCF - 1R7 and the 1R7 - ADS, but none of the graphs show up for any of these 3 flights (or for the previous 3 flights on 12/24 and 12/28 either) today. The maps showed up for the 12/24 and 12/28 flights last week.

I am a Flightaware member and N23753 is my plane so I would like to know what I’m doing wrong. I have tried to log off and re-log on but still the maps do not show up.

I can see maps from another flight tracker website, but Flightaware is so much better and the google earth download is great.

David Walter