Media coverage of aviation


This is a topic for posting media coverage of aviation. Sometimes (most of the time) they don’t know what they are saying.

Perhaps some of the daily incidents of diversions and hangar rash can be posted here.

A while back I created a very popular discussion topic here about FlightAware coverage in the media. Please post those stories in that topic.


Yesterday, somebody tried to slip some training grenades past the eagle eyes of TSA in Yakima, WA.

Here’s the TV story. Note… a flight was allowed to land at the other end of the runway. A Horizon flight deplaned about 100 yards from their normal spot. No other delays noted. Also note the bomb squad’s vehicle. :stuck_out_tongue:


Newspaper story… raises some questions in my mind (beyond the witty headline)
Grenades throw a scare into Yakima airport


Wow, the newscasters out in Washington are kinda fugly.


I was thinking the same thing.


While I don’t have any coverage to post, I always get a kick out of the file footage they sometimes use if its a generic story about delays over the holidays or something. old 727s,UA, USAir Shuttle, etc, all within the last year. The Weather Channel has a (my beloved) J31 on one of their intro screens to travel weather.

I’m not complaining about the file footage being old, in fact it’s pretty cool, you can usually tell when it was shot though…and its kinda funny that they keep some of that stuff that long. Again, not complaining, there’s some cool footage!


Good point. I saw Delta 727’s in old x3 livery during the last round of O’hare storms. Obviously that’s their biggest hub too.


I think it was once said that “The media is merely the unqualified interviewing the uninformed, creating drivel for the uneducated.”


One has to love how the media uses the word “stalled” so loosely.


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