Mechanic killed during engine test on LTE Airbus A320


Mechanic killed in plane engine test

An aircraft mechanic at Tenerife South Airport died last night during an engine test on an Airbus plane. Spanish charter airline LTE has confirmed that one of its staff was killed in the tragic incident, which is being investigated by police.

An LTE spokesman said this morning that the man, whose name has not been disclosed until next of kin are contacted, was sucked into one of the engines of the Airbus 320 at around 10pm, shortly before the plane was due to depart for Warsaw. Emergency services rushed to the scene but could do nothing to save the maintenance worker, who was sliced to pieces by the spinning blades of the engine. Arrangements are being made to fly the passengers out to Poland after the aircraft was grounded overnight to allow a full inspection later today. - news story.

LTE International Airways website




Prayers for that man’s family.


That really sucks

Here are a couple more that suck


Just a note about the above videos, the first video of the Intruder, the man survived this incident.

The second video is a cut scene from a pratical joke TV show. (Just so nobody gets a mixed message that this is real).


The one with the intruder, I watched in training at DAL with WN…I used to show it to new hire employees as a training mgr. to show even you can become f.o.d.


both sucked… :smiley: