Mayweather - Pacquiao Impact On Las Vegas Airport Tracking


Just some useless stats you may find interesting…I thought I would share the impact on Las Vegas air travel associated with the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight on Saturday May 2, 2015. I am not a big fan of either, did not go or watch the PPV, but amazed by the interest of others in the fight and its volume to the city.

Here are some intereistng stats on air travel I recorded at KLAS:

**Fri/Sat/Sun Total Flights Tracked **
Fight Weekend = 4,124
Avg of F/S/S before & after periods = 3,466
Increase in flights = 777
% increase in flights = 23%

It was reported that KLAS was closed on Saturday 5/2 afternoon to additional GA arrivals due being at capacity. Pretty good stats for only 17,000 arena capacity and only limited PPV at MGM hotels in Las Vegas.


Do the same survey for KHND and see what you find.


These were trackings I received over the past weekends, which include both arrivals/departures at both KLAS and KHND. I am about 2 miles east of KHND and 8 miles south east of KLAS so my trackings include both airports. I am sure specific arrivals/departures specific to KHND were up dramatically as well.


I see, interesting stuff. Did Henderson have GA parking issues, too, do you know?