Cheney made a mess of LAS


The Veep was at LAS today and made a hell of a mess of air traffic…Ground stoppages…flow control…airborne holds…taxiway closures… Sheesh :unamused: All as Bush was meeting with the DOT Sec. and the FAA Administrator to address airline delays…

*WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush promised on Thursday to take steps to reduce air traffic congestion and long delays that have left travelers grounded. “Endless hours sitting in an airplane on a runway with no communication between a pilot and the airport is just not right,” he said.

Bush met in the Oval Office with Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and acting Federal Aviation Administrator Bobby Sturgell. The president urged Congress to look at legislation to modernize the FAA, and instructed Peters to report back to him quickly about ways to ensure that air passengers are treated appropriately and progress is made to ease congestion.

“We’ve got a problem,” Bush said. "We understand there’s a problem. And we’re going to address the problem."
After the meeting, Peters told reporters she is asking airlines to meet to formulate a plan to improve scheduling at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, one of the nation’s busiest. If no solution is found, she said, the department is prepared to issue a scheduling reduction order.

She said the agency is also improving the department’s complaint system and is acting to increase compensation for passengers involuntarily bumped from flights from $200 to more than $600.

Peters said all options are on the table, including forcing airlines to pay more to fly during peak travel periods. Earlier Thursday, airline executives told Congress that paying more wouldn’t mitigate the record delays.

That strategy “will do nothing more than reduce service to small communities, reduce job growth and raise fares for commercial passengers,” Zane Rowe, senior vice president of network strategy at Continental Airlines Inc. (CAL), told the Senate subcommittee on aviation operations, safety and security.

New York’s LaGuardia International Airport used a congestion pricing model in the 1960s that FAA officials say worked well.

The airline industry’s on-time performance in the first seven months of 2007 was its worst since comparable data began being collected in 1995, according to the government. In July, the most recent month for which data are available, 20 carriers reported an on-time arrival rate of 69.8 percent, down from 73.7 percent a year earlier.
JFK International normally has enough capacity for 44 departures between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., but commercial airlines regularly schedule 57 departures, said Steve Brown, a former associate administrator for air traffic services at the FAA.*

It would help if the Pres and VP would stay away from the country’s busiest airports. Use Nellis (or other metropolitan military airfields) for Pete’s sake…instead of inconveniencing the very people they are making a point of wanting to help :angry:


I don’t think “they” decide which airport “they” use.


Regardless of who “decides”…Cheney’s little excursion to LAS today impacted several hundred flights and thousands of people with a ripple effect throughout the NAS.


Why does anyone care about Cheney’s security at Las Vegas of all places. VP’s are a dime a dozen and as replaceable as a housecat. If Al Qaeda gets lucky [and he has to be #2 0r 3 on their list of targets] we can always get another VP. Probably one who would not get us into another war, too.


Hey erisajd…

If someone knocks on your door today in suits, just remember, they aren’t Mormons or JWs… Oh, and don’t mind those wires coming out of their ears, they are just listening to the radio to pass the time between houses… :wink:


sadly that freedom has been taken away as well, huh?

Maybe I’m the guy to ‘render’ that part of the USAPatriot act unconstitutional as well. The last few months have shown there may be some life in 'ol Lady Liberty yet.

It’ll take 'em a few hours to track me down, I’ll be on the golf course by then. When I come home I’ll see the dark sedans with black walls sitting in the driveway. I simply go back and play another 18! It’ll be Friday evening by then and they want to go home after a long week abusing liberty and drink a beer like anyone else.

Any hey, I NEVER said that we would be better off with a different VP - I was simply expanding that VP’s simply require a man or woman with a little ambition and the utter inability to get elected on their own as President - in politics, well, they are a common as stray cats to adopt.


The Secret Service decides based on the clients wishes and desires, when they can be met.

"Being vice president isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit!"
John Nance (Texas Jack) Garner, FDR’s vice president for two terms, March 4, 1933 - Jan 20, 1941.


I was departing JAC this summer when the VP was departing. It really wasn’t that big a deal. Yes, they close the airport, but only for a short time while he taxi’s out and takes off. I was held up for a max of 15-20 minutes. During that time, I had a very enlightening discussion with an Air Force pilot and secret service agent, so didn’t really mind the wait.




Just a wee bit different operationally…


Don’t feel bad. AF1 used to land at Dobbins AFB (KMGE) in the past, now they tend to land at ATL - makes problems at LAS seem small!


ATL is busier…but at least they have a few more runways to work with…LAS has a huge achilles heal with its runway configuration. During normal west and south departure flows, the departing runways intersect paths…so the controllers have a rough time with separation on a good day…


The land of the free??? must be lousy living in a ‘police state’!!!


Yeah, the opening of the 5th runway does help out, even if it is half way to Florida!