Maybe Quicker access to Current flight info/tracking!


Currently tried to track UNited Flight 953 from KPHX to KTUS depart 7:16pm MST to arrive 8:01pm MST.

Now the Flightaware keeps telling me it is scheduled and it is a 45 minute flight so it will not track it, now checking the status on United website Flight Status showed that the Flight is “IN-FLIGHT”.

Not scheduled like on Flightaware site does, when will it show when it lands??

#2 shows that it left the gate at 1918 and arrived at the gate at 1951.
FlightAware shows that it took off at 1926 and landed at 1950.

Any time between 1932 (remember our 5-6 minute delay) and 1955 (or 1956), you should have seen it enroute with an estimated time of arrival of 1951.