Max range data


I am currently feeding FA and FR, Today FR said I got a 319nm hit, but my 1090 Graphs don’t show it. Its still on the 232nm that it picked up around 11am.

I do often see differences in positions/aircraft between the 2 systems so to speak


It depends on where graphs1090 is getting the data, dump1090-fa or readsb.

Then you just have to check the graphs1090 algorithm if you’re curious or where the data is coming from.

Would graphs1090 not get it from a standard place once installed?

Maybe someone else is interested, i’m not interested discussing it, don’t know where i did so last.
In doubt, read the source code instead of making assumptions.

Also what is a “standard place”. No there is no such thing.

That is because different software makes different decisions about data quality and what they’re willing to accept. If you were to just blindly accept anything, I’m sure you’ll decode some positions that appear to have phenomenal range – but they’re not real.


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