Matt Lauer/Today Show


Matt Lauer is leaving on his round-the-world trip soon. Last year I believe they used N129QS, a NetJets BBJ. Any ideas for this year’s trip? They showed him ‘leaving’ this morning, but with the first location being broadcast on Monday, I’d think it’s possible they wouldn’t leave until tomorrow.


It might be 127QS, going Newark to Buenos Aires.


“Clue 1: We’ll travel great distances in almost no time…”

N127QS sounds logical considering New York and Buenos Aires are only a single time zone apart…


Apparently you nailed it, he’s in BA this morning.


Hopefully you all watched the show this morning, 'cuz if that blonde porteno had asked ME for directions to the ATM I would have had an obelisk in my pants!



I wonder if Lauer would appreciate an email applauding him on his restraint!

(Is he still married to Roque or does he just need some Viagra?)


Cut to commercial…NOW!!


He’s in the Netherlands today.

Who would have thought that yesterday’s hint about getting to the next locale ontime “unless we stop for the lights” referred to the Red Light district of Amsterdam! :smiling_imp:

I hope they do an up close and personal of “Pig Alley” (Place Pigalle), but I sincerely doubt they will.

They scheduled this all wrong, they’re going to miss Queen’s Day tomorrow, although Aruba or the Netherland Antilles are far better party places for Queen’s Day.


Tomorrows clue: This country is an anagram of a synonym of a homophone of an even prime number.


There is only one even prime number: 2

Homophones: to, too

Synonym for too: also

Anagram for also: Laos.



No, no. The palindrome for Bolton is Notlob!


I thought the palindrome of Ipswich was Bolton.


Well you can’t blame British Rail for that!


Nice work PA!


:question: Can somebody send me a photo of the aircraft MATT LAUER is using for his around the world trip ? and also the flight track history would be nice also if possable :bulb: :question:


Google search for pictures of N127QS


It doesn’t matter if you play Bolton forward or backwards…my ears bleed either way.


Indeed Phil, well done.


I was watching this video with Lauer describing the routes they have travelled so far and he said if it were not for the little TV’s jetBlue has, he would have gone crazy…

…jetBlue?..what happened to N127QS? … 5#24384875