Where in the world is Matt Lauer..?

Perhaps this has been discussed b4, but I could not find anything. Matt Lauer from NBC’s TODAY show, leaves again this week on a 5 day drip to places afar. My question is does anyone know what type of aircraft does he and his crew travel in/with? I have heard a rumor in the past that last year they had one of the Netjets BBJs, Is this true?

I am not a big ML fan, but I think it is cool when he gets to travel as much as he does in 5 days.


I seem to recall him in something smaller like a Falcon or GIV. Either way, you can probably figure out the first leg of his journey on Monday morning. After that it will be hard to track as he will probably be overseas.

I’ve always thought it would be cool and funny if one of his stops were in the USA, like North Dakota.

There’s a North Dakota!!?? :unamused:

You’re right. North Dakota is funny.

I’m more interested in this Matt..

Dance on my friend.

I love wherethehellismatt.com!
I found it on youtube a while back, it’s great.

Ahhh for those of you up early enough today Matt was at the Boeing 777 factory in Washington. It was pretty cool. I set my DVR to record the west coast feed from San Francisco so maybe some of that stuff will make it to youtube for those that missed it.


He just gave a plug to FlightAware as well. His plane is about to leave Everett. It’s now 0903EDT.

yeah and now we get the unavailable messages as 3 million people try and figure out where he is going now…

Possibly him on N129QS headed to Shannon?

In one of the segments they zoomed in on his QS 737 sitting on the flight line. It appears he flew into BFI and probably stayed in downtown Seattle rather than Everett (very smart move) and then flew out of PAE. He may be refuelling in Ireland then continuing on somewhere else. Since he plugged FA I doub’t he would give away his next destination.

I remember Yeltsin flying out of PAE and refuelling in Ireland on his way home. There was a story about him falling out of the plane, apparently partying all the way.

onto Ireland he goes, where will be the next stop?

The Today show had him in Bhutan (Paro) today. They showed the inside of the BBJ during landing. Must be a hard place to land as they had on board a pilot from a different airline who lands there all the time giving instructions. When the BBJ landed, it hit so hard that a ceiling panel inside came loose…

Very cool!

Paro requires special pilot qualifications. There was an article in either Airliners or Airways a few months ago about the airport there.

Im willing to bet Beijing is the next stop

Nope, he flew to Dubai.