N707JT in KMIA


Enjoy following the world travels of N707JT. Its been at KMIA since May 3, 2006. Anybody know whats going on? Major maintenance?


FYI–JT also cruises around in his GII N492jt. You can use the search feature on the website to find some info on it.

PS-I tried to post a link, but my DSL is down , and I am having to use dial up. AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!


Just 2 weeks ago, I posed the same question…


He’s been shooting a movie outside Sante Fe for the past two months and been flying his G2 back and forth. Most likely it is there for heavy maintenance. I’ll bet there will be movement soon.


Aerial view of JT’s home showing N707JT and N492JT parked out front (or would that be parked out back?):

I wonder how he gets out of the 707 upon arrival. Does the butler push a stair ramp up to the door? Seems like he could at least afford to build a hangar for the G-II.

Note the car parking lot on the other side of the building across from the 707… are those all his, or does he have guests?


He discos from the cockpit to the door and then does a disco jump.


Seems like whatever the plane was doing there, it’s going for a test flight today: N707JT.


Why would he go all the way up to Bangor from Florida, only to fly to ABQ? Doesn’t seem to make much sense.



Grab some fresh lobster before he heads to Albacracky?


Haha, I guess if you have the money, why not? :wink:


its finally leaving MIA, up to Bangor, possibly a fuel stop on the way over to Europe?


going to albacracky…look at the next filed flight. Scheduled to leave @ 3:30 Central.


JT has a house in Maine.
He is filming Wild Hogs in New Mexico.


I like the lobster excuse. Sounds better. Speaking of lobster, I wonder if my lobster was delivered today…

www.livelob.com has treated me good so far!


But would he really fly that far out of his way to stay at his house for less than an hour and a half? Maybe dropping family off?


And you know the first idiot, er, person, to eat a lobster (or crab, for that matter) had to be really desperately hungry to eat something like that!


How the hell can you say that being in CA? I miss being in CA only for the fresh (straight off the boat) seafood. At least my lobster is still alive when it gets delivered, so it is just like being that fresh.


If he keeps going staight into Vermont then it should go right over my house!! better get the binoculars out. :smiley:


I’m not one of them rare native Californians. Gimme a steak any day. I don’t mind eating something that walks in its own crap but I’ll be damned if I’m going to eat something that swims (lobster, crab, fish) in its own crap. (Tunafish excepted because it comes in a round can and therefore really isn’t fish. No anchovies because, though the can is round, it’s not a circular can like tunafish. Besides, I don’t like my food looking at me with its eyes when I eat it!)


Go to BTV and look on the radar his plane is to the east of the airport my house it in the county north of the airport on the point of the county. So close to see it yet to far. :cry: