Markers.js has a slight error

I have seen locally 787-9s are showing as a large Airliner 4 engine. Haven’t seen any other 787s recent to see if they show up as Large 4 engine.

EDIT: See an ACA 787-8, and its showing as Heavy 4.

What’s the ICAO aircraft type and ADS-B emitter category that skyaware sees for the aircraft that have problems?

So far I have seen 787-8 and 787-9 with both Air Canada and JAL.


Air Canada C-FGEI Dreamliner
ADSB Air Canada

Second example

Delta Airlines A330 N409DX
ADSB Delta Airlines

Ok, next time I see one Ill get that info off ADSB. On flight aware it shows the plane type but not the adsb equipment. I would assume the 787s would have the most up to date.

See one that is a KAL35 a 777-300ER that shows as 4 engine. (Im up at 2am for some reason)

And here is a JAL8012 a 787-9 right next to the KAL that is showing as a 4

You will notice a 3rd 4 engine plane that is ANA2 that is a 787-9 showing. Its the
same ADBS equipment as the other two.

C-FGEI is not in Skyaware’s aircraft database so it falls back to the ADS-B category (A5, “heavy > 300000 lbs”) which uses the 4-engine icon. Not much to be done there.

We should be able to do better with this one as skyaware’s database has the type descriptor and species (L2J) information, but it looks like the descriptor mappings are a little out of date and we don’t actually have a mapping for a L2J-with-no-wake-turbulence-category. This should be fixable for the next release.

I need tail numbers or aircraft types as reported by skyaware.

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Another example ANA 777-300ER

ana 1
ana 2

If you need more information on aircraft or other reports let me know.

Considering how many 2 engine heavies are out there, that would seem like a sane default :slight_smile:
Not 100% correct either, but less “errors”.

I see more of the 2 engine than 4. The 747, A340, A380s seem to be getting rarer than anything. 2 Engine large might be a better default.

See one just now Its ANA Flight 8540. Its a 777-300 but its showing 4. Under ADSB a/c type is NA so Im assuming it would default to the Heavy 4. Tail number is JA791A. ADSB v is v2 and catagory is A5.

I currently have 6 twins on the map showing as Heavy 4 and all have TYPE N/A so Im sure its defaulting to Heavy 4. I agree with tomvdhorst, it might be better to default to heavy 2 as there seems to be a ton more.

I do have 1 Heavy 4 that is correct because the A/C type is 744.

BTW, went in and changed the default in markers.js of A5 to the heavy_2e and it didnt change, where else is it mapped ?

Still having the issue. I changed class A5 to heavy_2e as default because 90% of the planes not having type being broadcast are 787,777 or Airbus types, and I checked to make sure no spaces or anything else is different. Yet, many 2e heavies are defaulting to heavy_4e.

Where else is it mapped that Im missing. Went through all of markers.js and only one instance of A5 being mapped.

Hasnt changed, even though I have A5 set to heavy_2e it still shows 4e as default. Is there anywhere else it is set other than markers.js that would override markers?

PS its been since the 1st of the year that I did that. And markers.js used to be under public_html but i can no longer find that under /usr/share/dump1090-fa.

PS I did a find command for markers.js and it says no found. Did they change something in the program ???

On my system it’s in /usr/share/skyaware/html

Try this command to locate a file:

find / -name markers.js This will search from the root for any files named markers.js. Wild cards are also possible. * can be used to fill in any number of unknown characters. only one is needed.

For more info on find, try

man find

Way down on the bottom of the man pages there are some examples with comments on what the options do. Very capable program and LOTS of options.
Have fun, hope it helps.

Thanks, so they did change the location. Found it. I found it was back to the
default of A5 set to heavy_4e so changed it again. Ill see if it changes if not
Ill be back to see if there is another file its set in.