Mark/Dan - add callsign for ...

TCX = Kestrel


Another new one to add

BJS = Business Jet Solutions, callsign “Solutions”.

One currently flying as BJS519.


A new one to add is RLI = Reliant Air Charter, callsign “Reliant”.

Noted on HF recently, RLI379 calling as Reliant 379.


Also, LCO uses callsign “LAN Cargo” not “Ladeco”. Just listening to LCO1500 right now.


Another one to add details for is VAU :

VAU : V-Australia, callsign “Vee Oz”.

VAU100 just filed on tracker. :smiley:

Added them; went as VAU9090 instead.

Is it Vee Oz? I thought it was ‘Kanga’…


Looks like Archer Daniels Midland but I don’t know the call sign. And I’m not staying up until 0120 my time to find out either. Anybody here from Decatur?

grrrr, stayed up watching some dumb movie after all.

“Greenleaf” if you want to add them to the data base.