maps as desktop screensaver

a few years back, you were able to have the map, as your desktop screensaver on your computer. But FA fixed it to where you were unable to do it anymore. I think it was due to the way less people actually visiting the site.

My question is - are we able to do this anymore? To add the maps back to our computers as screensavers?

If so, how?

If not, do you plan on letting us do that again?

I personally don’t see a need for a screen saver. My preference is for the screen to go blank.

I think he means wallpaper using “active desktop feature”… Very common for users to interchange wallpaper and screensaver not realizing they are two distinct functions.

To answer his question though, I believe Flight Aware disabled the direct linkage to maps via active desktop as it does not conform with the Terms of Service. I remember reading something along these lines being posted before.

You’re probably right about that. I’ve had many people say they wanted this or that for their desktop (or screen saver) when further questioning revealed they actually wanted a screen saver (or desktop).

OMFG!! Hell just froze over!!!

That’s it! If those too are going to start playing nice it’s not going to be the same FA forums and I’m outta here. :confused:

Not for free; it’s too resource intensive for us to give away without ads.

If you’re interested in using our maps as a background or on a display, please contact customer service.