Live Airspace Screensaver?

I found a screen saver on star alliance, that shows real time flights(only airlines that are members of start alliance of course). i was thinking it would be really cool if we could get a screensaver, that shows the realtime flight of an airline you choose. Say i wanted to have jetblue live flight as my screensaver. In the screensaver setting i choose jetblue, and now when my screensaver comes up, it will be realtime jetblue flights!
Maybe its not possilbe, but its an cool idea if you ask me!
^ Star Alliance one

Nope. I don’t use screensavers.

In general, screensavers are a waste of electricity and computer resources. They were developed back in the days when cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors were prone to what was called “burn-in”, where an image that was displayed for long periods of time had a tendency to leave an image on the display that was constantly visible, sometimes even when the monitor was turned off. Hence the development of “screen savers” to prevent this source of damage to displays.

As CRT monitors became more developed, along with the introduction of LCD displays, the need for a “screensaver” changed from a necessity to an entertainment for the user. But you’d save electricity and some of the life of your LCD display by simply turning off the display in lieu of showing a screensaver. In addition, the way screensaver programs are normally written means that the program is constantly running in the background of your system and comes to the fore when an internal timer calls it. This can slow down operations on older systems.

So you’re better off setting your display to blank after a period of inactivity rather than running some eye candy.