Use of Flight Aware Maps


I have been using a updating Flight Aware map of my local airport [KELD] on my, non-commercial, website where I show the progress of the kit built airplane I’m building.

The link has stopped working. Any ideas?

Here’s the link I was using.;key=2bdea312eb6c2429bbd%203344c4883b8e944f9e189;height=360;width=600

Here’s the website.


Hi, ** wrgiacona**.

The short answer is that we don’t support off-site image sourcing of maps anymore.

The long answer is that generating an airport map is a real time and on-demand process that is very intensive. We work extremely hard (and spend a lot of money) to ensure that maps are available in less than a second. When a user requests an airport map, our map servers have to find all the flight in the proximity of that airport, find their position/altitude/airspeed as well as track, determine what direction they’re facing, plot it out, de-clutter the map, and then pull the NEXRAD radar for that area and overlay it on top.

The maps are extremely popular, which is fantastic, but the number of sites linking directly to the maps or individuals pulling the maps without viewing the FlightAware site (which displays advertisements to fund the company) was excessive. We were generating over half a million maps a day that weren’t being accompanied by the ads, so we had to make the decision to put a stop to that over the weekend.

I would suggest taking a map of the area you’re interested in, shrinking it down, saving it on your server, and then making the map a link to the appropriate airport page on FlightAware so that the user sees a thumbnail example of what they could be viewing if they follow the link. That would allow you similar functionality without requiring our map servers to generate a live map for your visitors with every page load. You can also see this page that offers other alternatives for linking to FlightAware.

Thanks for your understanding & continued support.


I understand completly and really don’t blame you. It was kinda neat while it lasted though.

What about creating a map that not only links but shows one of your ads.




Hi Daniel,

Does this also remove the functionality to change the map’s size? I liked having a larger sized map that I could throw on my second monitor and could leave it there for the day.

Is this still possible?



Unfortunately, we had to disable that due to abuse as well but we’re in development of a feature that will allow you to configure the resolution of maps to take advantage of higher resolution displays if you have one.


I look forward to that feature. I used to put the large radar map (scope) on my secondary (top) monitor in full screen and turn on my feed. It was a really neat setup, and I can’t wait to try it when you complete the feature.



Are you saying, Daniel, that we can no longer have the expanded airport map continually updated as a tab window in a browser that is opened indefinitely long?

It seems to me that recently I’ve seen the map replaced by an error message of some sort that says, in effect, that the host is no longer available. Is there a time limit after which I am, in essence, disconnected from the FA map server?

My computer is often kept on overnight which means that I might have some rather extended connect times.


My computer is often kept on overnight which means that I might have some rather extended connect times.

I had no overnight problem last night, so maybe there’s no problem unless the FA server does go offline for a short period.


You definitely should be allowed to refresh the maps indefinitely. The issue is probably that we’ve changed the URL scheme for maps a couple times recently and sometimes not supported any backwards compatibility. If you ever have a mapping glitch, try refreshing or restarting the zoomed in window.