Customizing My FlightAware map


Food for thought…

Allowing the customization of the map displayed in My Flight Aware to a user defined map, such as their local airport.

Searched and didn’t see this suggested b4, so I may have missed it.



The map for My FlightAware is sized to fit the origin/destination/track of all of My Aircraft currently in the air. For your local airport map, bring up your local airport page.


Thanks Mark!

Didn’t realize this and probably wouldn’t have never known since I only have my tail number under my aircraft and naturally if I am here looking at my profile I am not in the air :smiley:

Could the same feature be built in for multiple airports? I have KEKY, KMBO and KJAN and one would think if multiple planes could be displayed, could the same be true for multiple airports?



Why not? :slight_smile:

It’s possible but not likely in the near future.



I have some extra LCD screens laying around here so you can implement Mark’s suggestion if you’d like :laughing:


Can it be sized down to fit in a standard instrument hole and be powered off the ships supply? Is software included, or will I need to dig up my DOS 3.1 diskettes and reboot the plane?

Lastly, if I manage to install it, get the needed internet feed and sofltware, and I don’t have TCAS, would I be in violation of FA TOS :smiley:

Yeah, crazy would be apprapro (sp?) for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Who uses Safari anyway?