Question About "My Flightaware"


How does this feature work? I clicked on the link and I see my profile, which I filled out and entered my airport under “airports to watch”. But then what? When I come to the site homepage is it supposed to show me “my airport”? Or if I click a link does it take me to “my airports” and “my aircraft”? I know it says its an early beta but it does not look like it functions yet.



When you click on My FlightAware, it should display the most recent flight for My Aircraft and the current weather conditions at My Airports. We’re working on adding more statistics for My Airports and better integration across the site (such as on the front page), but as you note the site is still in early beta.


For me, it displays the aircraft but not any info for any airport. Is this a bug?


There should be something under WX (Weather) such as VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR. All the rest should be blank, since we haven’t implemented them yet.


The airport feature that mduell is describing is actually available only to developers/QA staff right now. We expect to release the “My Airports” part of “My FlightAware” soon.


ahhh ok, that explains it! thanks…



From the “My FlightAware”, the ‘Customize’ link,, always takes me to a ‘New User Registration’ page. I never get to customize My FlightAware. It seems to be a loop that avoids my desired destination.


That’s really weird, Toby. If you’re logged in, it should work. When you’re logged in and at “My FlightAware,” if you click on “Profile” in the toolbar on the upper right, does it worK?


Yes, ‘Profile’ worked. I see that ‘Profile’ and ‘Customize’ are the same link. ‘Customize’ also worked from My FlightAware after I had already gone to ‘Profile’, but not before.


So weird! Let us know if it happens again.