Map View and ATC


I realize there is a 6 minute delay on mapping. I like to listen to ATC such as KPHX and watching the map. Is it practical to follow aircraft and listen to ATC at the same time. Anybody else do this. It would be cool to have links to ATC with airports that have streamed links but you can also find them here


A pleasant way to spend a cold, wet evening in the office is to listen to and set the airfield of choice to arrivals or enroute to…then follow the tracking to see how it matches up (and listen out for those blocked bizjets!)
Dont find the map feature here an awful lot of use in its present state but looking forward to the enhancements due.

Re the link to liveatc, agree that it would be a nice touch, as an example see the following link and note it could be added in with the other info maybe under the quick-jump list.



ATC link would be appropriate for the quick jum list ?


When I listen to ATC in the Dallas area and try to follow the flights via FA, I observe this:

  1. There are a bunch of airports in the area – KDFW / KDAL / KADS / KRBD / KAFW / KFTW / KNFW / KFWS. If a flight is non-commercial and non-IFR, it’s hard to find out where precisely to look for it.

  2. When a plane shows no flight history, is it because it’s a ‘blocked’ business jet or just a pilot out for a ride VFR? How do you tell the difference? So much of the radio traffic I hear cannot be further identified through FA.

  3. Even if it is a commercial flight and you know exactly where it’s headed to/from, can you find it on the big radar map? In the DFW area, there are so many flights near the airports that the identification labels are all suppressed. I do eagerly await the release of zoomable maps!

Despite the frustrations noted above, the pairing of FA to ATC makes for some very enjoyable hours


For that to happen, FA is gonna have to make a lot higher quality picture of the ground track.


I agree.

I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself a few times in the early dawn hours watching both FA’s graphic of ORL while simultaneously listening to ORL ATC at liveatc and have more fun in the 6 min delay checking to see who in the lineup has taken off. Fun stuff. I also like watching the line up on FA’s scheduled departures and comparing it to liveatc to see who’s late and who’s early LOL and which ones hold up the show. Hear some pretty entertaining comments from both ATC and pilots at 6am. :wink:

I think the graphics are sufficient but would never complain about improvements. Nothing like a real-time weather radar! And I just love the little shadows LOL