Map of flights at specific time in the past?

I have an office in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Yesterday at 10:40AM (EST), I suddenly heard a LOT of helicopter noise. I checked my PiAware site, and there were four helicopters in the area:

Five minutes later they were wandering off:

I neglected to grab their idents, so I can’t directly view the flights now.

Is there any way to see a general map of flights in an area at some time in the past?

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You can use flightradar24 playback function
zoom and center map on area and hit playback at bottom of the page
Dec 10, 15:35 UTC Crystal Lake, Wakefield, MA
AS50 Airbus Helicopters H125 probably police with tail number blocked
N50Q Bell 407 WXFT Boston Sky 25
N38BZ Bell 206 WBZ 4 Skyeye
N109US Bell 206 news camera on nose

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