Manual reconfiguration


Owing to my laziness, it took several weeks for me to fix a patio power issue that had stopped my feed. After restoring electrical connectivity, I upgraded to Stretch using the steps outlined at I updated PiAware manually using the steps at the corresponding site. Now there is no data feed any more.

Here is the piaware-status output:

PiAware master process (piaware) is running with pid 507.
PiAware ADS-B client (faup1090) is _not_ running.
PiAware mlat client (fa-mlat-client) is _not_ running.
Local ADS-B receiver (dump1090) is _not_ running.

_no_ program appears to be listening for connections on port 30005.
faup1090 is _NOT_ connected to the ADS-B receiver.
piaware is connected to FlightAware.

got 'couldn't open socket: connection refused'
dump1090 is NOT producing data on localhost:30005.

Your feeder ID is v-w-x-y-z (from /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id)

How can I get back online again, please?



If this is a PiAware sdcard image, please reimage using the current 3.6.2 image; we don’t support a Jessie -> Stretch upgrade without reimaging.

If this is a standard Raspbian image, you’ll need to check why dump1090 is not running; what dump1090 were you using?


Thanks for the suggestions. Will re-image the SD card with the latest Stretch Raspian image file per your suggestion and go about installing PiAware as documented at the web site.

I installed dump1090 originally using the standard apt install as documented at the web site. The solution was set to accept push update commands and was working fine for quite some time even with short interruptions owing to intranet downtime.

Presumably, I will have to save the feeder ID and update the config manually after the install?



Thanks, Support!

I followed your advice and everything works fine now having used your manual reconfiguration steps. Original feeder-id was salvaged!

Don’t want to read too much into the tea leaves but I have had several infrastructure issues that slowed progress at my end. Just need to find someone who can help me elevate the antenna without running afoul of Home Owners Association patrols.

Warmest Regards.