Making some basic airport info. pop up on screen when ....



Thanks for a great website ! I visit it regularly for my plane spotting activities !

One thing that I’m pretty sure would be appreciated by most, at least by newbies in the world of aviation

is the following :

On the small map and on the enlarged map, when you use the mouse and point over an aircraft, you get some basic

informations about it. You mouve the mouse away and the info. disappears.

I ( we ) would like the same to happen when pointing over the airport code. Full name, location.

When using the small map the name of the airport you click on, appear just over the map and it is easy to read.

In the enlarged map ( full screen ), the name appear barelly readable ( yes I have new glasses an my monitor is very large ).

In both case it requiers an action that should not be necessary unless you want to access more detailed infos.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.

Marc Renaud
Québec, Canada