Makes a bird strike look pretty good in compairison.

An Air Zimbabwe Xian MA-60, flight UM-239 from Harare to Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) with 34 passengers, struck a warthog during the takeoff run at Harare at 19:15L (17:15Z) in night conditions, veered off the runway and came to rest with one main gear strut collapsed. No injures occurred, the aircraft received substantial damage. The passengers were evacuated.

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The passengers continued, that two journalists, who tried to film or photograph what was left of the airplane, were arrested by Zimbabwean security forces, who arrived well before the emergency services. The journalists’ equipment was confiscated.

Sounds like Africa. I know a few old boys that go over there and make a few dollars then come home- not work for 3-4 months and go back over again and again and again.
But the stories I hear are amazing.