AHHHH, I LOVE MAHO BEACH WITH A PASSION!!! I was there over Christmas and i need to get back there so bad, but airfare is so expensive. I was wondering…How many people on this site have been to Maho beach and sat at the bar and gotten some amazing pictures in video at the foot of that amazing airport?

----I know that this was random but i felt like starting some conversation

Peace 8)


Well…I haven’t been yet, but it’s VERY high on my wish list!! :smiley:

I hope you get there before I do!



This is the video that shows why spotters love Maho Beach.


It would be a great place for me because it would combine two of my interests: airplanes and social nudism.

  1. Babes and Boeings what more could a guy ask for? 8)


Don’t forget beer. :wink:


well, Im only 14!!! :laughing:


your only 14, SO PARTY :wink:

  1. Amen!!! 8)

  1. HAHA 8)


Ya, I’ve got video of a Corsair 744 coming in from the side angle and a video of a KLM 744 head on. I will try and upload them so that you guys can see them.

P.S.-----The babes were First Class even though they didnt speak English…the only English that they need to know for me is just, Yes…No…and Maybe…haha thx for your comments guys