Low alt cruise

Why would a B787, AAL9781 make a 1200 mile flight, MIA-TUL at 7800 ft alt?

Pressurization problems? Aircraft hadn’t flown for 5 days, callsign looks like irops, AA has a maintenance base in Tulsa.

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Thanks for the reply obj. That makes the most sense. I didn’t realize until I just looked in the history that that flight number has been assigned to many different aircraft and routes in recent days. Irops makes sense. I’m not sure how the irops assignment works, for instance must it be declared before the flight departs? Or can they change it in flight? The reason I ask is, looking at the flight data, the flight quickly climbed to 10k then leveled off for a few minutes before descending to 7.8k.

Could be after 5 days in MIA they realized they had to move it to Tulsa for repair. No passengers. Who knows?

Maintenance Ferry Flight to American Airlines Heavy Maintenance Hangars at TUL. The aircraft had incurred ground damage to the center lower fuselage in MIA. Flown to TUL in order for detailed evaluation and repairs to be made with equipment and engineering support in coordination with Boeing that is not available in MIA. The flight was flown unpressurized, at or below 10,000 feet, no passengers, no flight attendants, only the minimum required flight crew of 2 pilots in the cockpit.

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