Does anyone know what Lounges are at JFK and if they will let you buy a oneday pass? How about if they allow those under 21 to enter? Thanks a billion we have an 8.5 hr layover on our way from BNA-JFK-NCE!!! Thanks


DL has a CRC there. http://www.delta.com/traveling_checkin/airport_information/crown_room_clubs/index.jsp

Where you want to visit depends on what you’re flying. To use another club that’s not in the same terminal as you, you’ll have to exit security, then reenter at the other terminal.

Skyteam lounges have free drinks (DL, CO, and NW). UA’s Red Carpet Club doesn’t, and I don’t know about AA.

Check the other airlines’ websites for more info.


I used Delta crown rooms when I travelled all the time. They were nice but not worth $25 per visit unless you’re over 21.


American has Admirals Clubs in Terminal 8 (international) and Terminal 9 (domestic). You can buy a one-day pass that is good for the entire day at multiple airports. It costs $50 for one person, $75 for 2 people, and $100 for 3 people. They can be purchased at aa.com/aa/admiralsclub/odp/startPurchase.do.