Best Airline Club/Lounge


In your opinion, what is the best overall airline club. And, what airport specific club is the best (ex. JFK Business Elite Lounge T2)?

My vote the aformentioned JFK Delta Business Elite Lounge in T2, complete with humungouse business center, showers, great indooor glas room, and those amazing Biscoffs!!!


My only experience has been Delta lounges at most of their hubs or bigger airports. I liked them and at the time they were mood altering but not really life changing. (SLC, ATL, DFW, ORD, CVG)


foreign airlines have better lounges


Yes. Emirates lounges are the best in the world.


I’ve only visited one and that was the JAL lounge in Narita. It was quite nice. very relaxing. They had a designated cell phone area, a very nice panoramic view of their ramp with lots of 747’s, and lots of snacks. Though the snacks were mostly Japanese I did try some some Onigiri (basically a ball of rice), and had a glass of orenjijusu (orange juice).


Usairways…clt or lgw