Is DFW or Dal better for plane spotting?

Since all the cut back Americans been doing is it worth spotting at dfw? 18R is closed but whens it suppose to open?

Dallas Love be any better more flights maby?

I haven’t been to DAL or DFW in many years. However, for what it’s worth, if you are going spotting for airliners, I’d go to DFW. I have the feeling DAL is like OAK: Lots of flights, with the majority (vast majority!) being Southwest. At DFW you have AA, UA, and many other domestic and foreign carriers,

Also, it all depends on on what type of view you can get. It wouldn’t do any good to spot at DFW if you can’t see the aircraft clearly. This is what’s happening where I work. The aircraft to OAK fly right over my workplace. However, all I can see is the bottom of the aircraft because they are directly above me! :frowning:

Nearly every commercial flight at DAL is Southwest.

The only others are a handful of United Express and Delta Connection flights. The private traffic there is probably more interesting if you’re into that sort of thing.

DFW does get the 747 from QF and the 773 from Emirates, a bunch of different aircraft from DL, US, and United in addition to every type that AA currently flies (and they haven’t really changed their schedule at DFW all that much). They also get Sun Country, Spirit, Virgin America, Jetblue, Korean, Lufthansa, British Airways, Alaska, Jazz, Frontier, and TACA. A lot more variety than DAL.

UAE sends in the 777-200LR