Loooooonnnnngggg trips to PHTO

These probably happen often enough, but interesting non-the-less.



Can you say “Relief tube”?

wow…no thanks…and they gotta be single pilot to allow for the fuel tanks no?

I’m guessing more than just a tube…


I see what you did there.

Single engine piper to hawaii? That takes guts.

I can’t even imagine being wedged into an aluminum fuel-air bomb for 13 hours at 7000 ft. I’m convinced that the inventor of the 80-GB iPod was a ferry pilot.

Ya, but I guess if you consider how long it would have taken by car…

It’s not all bad. :wink:

A guy is walking along and finds a Genie bottle. He pops the top and lets the Genie out. The Genie, grateful to be freed from his purple-and-gold prison, awards the guy a single wish. The guy says, “Hey! I thought I got three wishes!”

The Genie says, “Nope. Myth. Three wishes only happens in jokes. What is your wish?”

The guy ponders, then replies, “Well, you know, I would really like to go to Hawaii, but I’m afraid to fly, and I get seasick. I want a highway from San Diego to Honolulu.”

The Genie is taken aback. “Whoa. Do you have any idea what you’re asking? Do you know how many yards of concrete and tons of steel it would take to build that? Not to mention, the massive infrastructure problems. There will have to be gas stations, hotels, emergency services, you name it. And what about weather? This could really get out of hand. I mean, I’m a Genie and all, but c’mon. There are limits to what I can do. Can you think of something else?”

The guy’s a little dejected, but comes up with another idea. “Actually, there is something. All my life, I’ve had very difficult relationships with women. I didn’t get along with my mother or sisters, I can’t keep a girlfriend - heck, I can’t even really talk to a woman without making a fool out of myself. I wish I could understand women.”

“You want that highway 2-lane, or 4-lane?”

Good night, folks! Tip your waitresses. You’ve been a great audience.

Check out N21005. Van Nuys to Honolulu. 13 hours in a Cessna 208. Yikes.


And it kept going…PGUM, WBKK…
Brand new Caravan started off at Wichita… looks like a ferry/delivery flight