11 Hour Flight in a Piper Navajo?


Santa Maria, CA to Hilo, HI. Wow. That’s a lot of extra gas.



So what’s the standard range for a piper navajo without refueling? (assuming tailwinds all the way) By the way, 11 HOURS!!! I’d rather strap it to a 747. Better yet, an offshore racing powerboat with some serious twin mercury’s could go faster! YIKES!!


Ferry flight? They load them up with fuel, and not just the regular tanks, but in place of the seats. What an uncomfortable ride. :confused:


So would this be someone in Hilo who just can’t live without a Piper and that’s how they make the delivery from the mainland? Isn’t there an easier way? Can ya call FedEx?


The cost to take apart and place into a 747 or other aircraft would be much more than the cost of the ferry flight.

All sorts of short to medium range aircraft are ferried across the oceans every day.


Just about every Extra, Socata, Pilatus, etc. gets here on its own wings via a ferry flight.