Boise team sets out to break Hacienda 172 endurance record

65 days in the air.

What in the hell??? No thanks! I uhh, I don’t even know where to start with this one, but I predict this will be a 10 pager. And I’ve been in a 172 many times, they’re not that big…

getting a little technical arent ya? :wink:

Haha - you talking about that pic? It’s on their page, so I linked to it, but didn’t realize that it’s the size of a mattress when full size, so I took it back out. Those guys are out of their minds…

Errrr, uhmmmmm, HELL NO!

You know, after looking that whole site over, I can’t even find where they specify they’ll be flying a 172, I just assumed that based on the old record and their logo. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but maybe they’re flying a 152! :open_mouth:

Oh - and if anyone’s interested: 65 days = 1560 hrs!

I predict this will be a 10 pager.

2, maybe 3. :slight_smile:

my question is…how in hell are they going to refuel a 172 or any other GA A/C in the air…they mentioned something about a truck…just dont see it.

They hook up them hoses to them F-18’s and refuel other F-18’s. :laughing:

Somewhere on their site or a news story it said they had not selected a plane yet. They had not ruled out a 172 or maybe an experimental since the rule book is lighter. Personally I would probably choose a PC-12.

If you haven’t read the Hacienda story, check it out. They refueled twice a day with a truck and also did their own oil changes in the air.

If they don’t do it, I’m in. Who wants to spend three months in a 172 with me? I’m thinking we can pull a Flight Aware banner and do the whole thing IFR.

I’m not in, but I’ll watch. I can only imagine the smell on the inside of that thing at the end - that’s what turns me off. But I do hope they file some sort of plan so it can be tracked - that’d look crazy - like an etch-a-sketch.

How about a GV, we can take turns sleeping and playing Xbox in the back. I might have to throw in a few push-up and crunches… I don’t know about having the Lav serviced though…

I was hoping Satine would bite.

Not usually, but perhaps if you ask her nicely! :smiling_imp:

Nibbles maybe?..

The worst for me would be the monotony… Interesting to see how they devise to load on supplies. If I were them I’d be finding sponsors so I could get a larger aircraft…preferably one where you don’t have to eat, crap, and sleep in the same place.

Even upgrading to an A36 would make a world of difference… or ideally a caravan (if we are considering strictly single engines.)

If money’s no object, a 208 would be better, but if they’re going strictly single, then the PC-12 would probably be the best as Wazz pointed out. I guess they’ll pass supplies/garbage back and forth also via a truck on the runway, as there’s no way they’ll be able to keep everything they need onboard. I’d think your muscles would begin to atrophy after being in close quarters like that for 2 months too. A question though - how can you change the oil in flight? Never changed the oil on an A/C, only vehicles, but I can’t see how that wouldn’t get extremely messy/hot and damage the engine if done while the engine is running? And I’m assuming a filter change is also included in the oil change? It says it was done during the last record, so I’m guessing it is possible. While it sounds like a great idea, logistically I just see too many holes in this plan for it to work. I hope they do make it though. Some poor cessna’s about to take a beating. They need a C-17; in-flight refueling, tons of room and bulletproof engines and airframe.

never looked at the pilatus until now, but yes from looking at the cabin dimensions it has quite a bit more space than a caravan. Much Wider.

its a great way to reach your TBO in a hurry!